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So, are you looking forward to FLEX. on your competitors?

Well, we'd like to think so! (and hopefully you would too)

As our name suggests we want you to flex on your competitors. We position you in your niche to be able to grow significantly. We keep our ideas fresh and our insights far-reaching.

About Us

We are a modern and young digital agency whose aim is to drive digital growth for brands and business. We design, develop and market your brands and businesses digital experience.
Flex Digital Agency comprise of a diverse team and aim to grow brands and businesses throughout the UK. Our belief is that every project within the digital sector is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause. Hence, for this reason, each digital experience; designed, developed, and marketed by us serves as an idea. Our strength while designing, developing, and marketing your digital experience is reflected by our detail to attention.

How did it all begin?

Our very own Suhail, who was tired of working with digital agencies who were boring, uncreative and generic decided it was the time to change the stigma behind digital agencies being boring, uncreative and generic and found Flex Digital Agency, who focus on both data and creativity to see the power of both compared to only using data metrics as a way for a business or brand to grow.

Meet the team

Suhail Gulzar

Managing Director

Roozbeh Ranjbar

Digital Growth Lead

Nikolina Karoprova

Digital Marketing Executive

Junayd Sajid

Website Developer

Jade Howard

Digital Marketing Executive

Emanuel Sabo

PPC Executive

We support young people.

We work with young people through Kickstart Scheme, Apprenticeships and Traineeships to provide them with valuable and effective experience and a young and fun working environment to be able to learn.  

Growth Planning

Planning is the essential to growth. With a an elaborate plan, growth can excel at a much faster scale. This is the initial stage of growth.


Where the digital process begins, whether this means completely designing your digital experience to designing aspects which may be included in it.


An integral part of growing digitally is developing your digital experience, having designs helps in making this part of the process easier.


You can receive a strong boost with composite assistance from multiple channels, now that your digital experience has been built. Many ways you can market.

01 01

Let's Meet.

Facetime, Zoom or face to face. We come to you to meet and converse and get to know your team, the ethos behind the business and your aims. Gives us a chance to feel what your business is about.

02 02

Let's Plan.

After initial conversations and upon getting to know your team and the business, we know understand the business. We need to discuss between ourselves about how we can enable growth while minimising costs.

03 03

Let's Grow.

We marry creative insight with data to deliver successful digital user experiences meaning we can help your business grow digitally. Tailoring a digital growth plan for your business is our creative way for growth.